Better late than never?

21 October 2011 in Rides

So, once again, I have not made the yearly film that I had envisioned. Previous years, I had excuses but 2010/early 2011 got derailed far beyond my imagination. Now that those days are behind us, its time to release what little footage and work I had done for the 2010 riding season. Originally, this was longer but I lacked major portions of the year. So instead, I have put this little tid bit together. Perhaps 2012 will be the year for the epic movie? But if history is any indicator, I will fail yet again.

On that cheery note, enjoy!



9 May 2011 in Rides

P5090198 by thebicycleescape
P5090198, a photo by thebicycleescape on Flickr.

Its here! Nice job, Tom!


Behind the QBall

23 March 2011 in Rides











It’s coming along. Thanks to Tom at The Bicycle Escape. The complete build will be something that’s one of a kind.


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